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lamb videos Farmer Bob Well, Farmer Bob has been at it again, the lusty tups (rams) have been visiting the gym regularly and eating raw grass to build up their reserves of stamina for the week ahead, when they get little sleep and run at least twenty seven miles every day in the annual Are Ewe Being Served marathon. Farmer Bob distributed the copies of FHM a couple of days ago and the boys are ready to go. Yes!! it is the Tupping time again and it's a marathon for the tups, some of them won't see the finishing line but what a way to go!

The sweepstakes have been running again this year and this is the lucky chap below, his name is Mickey isn't he a handsome specimen. He is fit, ready and willing to go and do his duty for charity. "Just let me at 'em" he said to Farmer Bob on the way out to the field, "I haven't tupped a ewe for a year and it's killing me!" Farmer Bob asked if the tup had any preferred chat up style, "No" was the answer - "But I've a few tricks ready to try out!".

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"I'm raring to go---"
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Read the story and find out this years lucky winner by clicking the image above. It may take a while to download on slower lines but it could be worth the wait. You will be able to dopt one of Mickey's lambs at Farmer Bob's Adopt A sheep site. The ladies of the Dumfries and Galloway branch run this charity event every year, last years photos and sheep videos are still available, you can view them by clicking Are Ewe Being Served 2004.

This site was created in support of the Dumfries and Galloway Branch of

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Macmillan Cancer Relief helps people who are living with cancer.

Each and every day 739 people in the UK are told they have cancer. More than one million people in the UK today have had a cancer diagnosis, and more than one in three will be diagnosed at some time in their life.

We're probably best known for our services which help people now. From providing specialist health care and information to practical and emotional support, we're changing the lives of people living with cancer today.

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Every year Lochdhu Farm gets in some professional and amateur help during the tupping. Click the photo and see if you can identify who is the professional lamber, who is the carpenter, who is the doctor and who is the web developer, and why are they all smiling? I ask you! Farmer Bob is too tired to be in the photo - his legs gave out!

Seriously though, many thanks to the people who have given towards the Macmillan charity supported by this event. Just shows you that gambling can be fun!

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